About us

We specialize in the services of Geodesy, Cadastre and Digital Photogrammetry. In addition to offering precision with regard to the quality of your orders, we offer free consultations.

They aim at clarifying and solving your problems related to investment design, geodesy and cadastre. Over the past period since creating "Precision Engineering"Ltd. in our company have performed thousands of geodetic tasks related to the realization of different projects. 




„Precision Engineering“ Ltd. was established in 1994 year

The company started its activity as an atelier for performance of geodetic services on the territory of Sofia.

In 2001, is located on the territory of Varna where it works until now.

Owner and manager of the companyDimitar Ignatov Petrov,Dr. Eng. of Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography, with many years of experience as a Surveyor, Topographer and Administrator. 

Graduate in Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography in 1975 and is currently working and developing as a specialist both in geodetic practice and in the acquisition and implementation of new technologies.


He held posts of:

Military surveyor and topographer –an employee of the Military Topographic Service of the Republic of Bulgaria. He worked as a creator of the first in Bulgaria technology for digital modeling of the relief according to data from cardisable originals

A scientist in the Scientific Research Sector of the Military Topographic Service

Deputy Chief of Land Management Reform to the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reform – North Bulgaria

Acting Associate Professor of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Methods in the Department of Geodesy at the Technical Faculty of Shumen University „Ep. Konstantin Preslavski“

Holder of full designer capacity in geodesy and applied geodesy, entered in the register of qualified persons for carrying out activities in geodesy and cadastre, expert in geodesy photogrammetry and cartography at Varna Regional Court.

During its existence, Precise Engineering has evolved from a small studio  in a serious and respectable geodesic and design company with its own appearance and well-equipped technical facilities and software.  During the period of 1994, to date employees of the company have worked  on a number of geodetic projects such as:

 - Elaboration of plans for the restoration of ownership of agricultural lands and forests and lands  from the forest fund of a number of lands: Obedinenie - Polski Trambesh, Lesichovo village and Borimechkovo village - Lesichovo, Sheremetya village – common Veliko Tarnovo, Slachevo, Pripek, Ignatievo and Aksakovo – common Aksakovo;

- Development of plans for newly-built properties: Zdravets village - Avren, S.O. Tolzitsa, Kochmar, Pchelina, Franga dere and Planova – common Varna, Izvorishte village – common Bourgas;

- A number of engineering investment projects – Geodetic photograph and digital model of relief from the cup of Ivailovgrad dam, Deformation Control System on Maritsa East-2 TPP, Executing Geodesic shooting of over 100 kilometres. rehabilitated roads under contract with EA „Road infrastructure“ and many others.

Basic Principle of Management and Employees „Precision engineering“ е:

The client is above all!

To be satisfied, we must be fast, precise, correct.